I am Ankur Goel, Founder of Initiative - QuarantineSpeaks.com. He is also the Founder & CEO of Skwerup.com which is a Startup/SME Advisory Firm

We are a team of Entrepreneur, writers, socialists & innovators

We have started this initiative to help people by knowing from the experiences, tips & suggestions from others

Your one single suggestion can make someone's life easy during this tough times and may help them to regenerate new hopes and means for life

Feel free to share your experiences, tips & suggestions for the benefit of all. 

'Critical Situation of Lockdown & Home Quarantine has become painful for many people and they are using various different methods and tactics to cope up with the same

lets make a voice which people can hear, learn and live, even while sitting at home

Quarantine is all about 'Hope, Patience, Learnings, and Self-Analysis'

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