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Ansh - Founder of INGLU

Experience faced during Lockdown

So this quarantine was really helpfull in many ways, it taught me of my capabilities to work with lesser resources available and being a Founder of one of the biggest youth communities of INDIA, the real thing that me and my whole team experienced was the networking part.

So yes rather than sitting home and watching netflix whole day we started working on creating ideas and that part is one of the best part of this period because we are free to brainstorm. Many new startups and people are still panicing due to sudden outbreak and closure but rather than focusing on closure of one door we should focus on the new opportunities that can arise from this time.

One of the hardest thing of this phase was that we initiated with a plan and we knew that many others will be inspired through this particular thing so we held a full day LIVE MENTORSHIP SESSION but with a time constraint of 24 hours so that phase was difficult as to organise anything from scratch takes time but the real happiness lies in a fact that the period taught how to fight and excel those situations and make out something from which you can inspire others.

Rather than sitting home and watching netflix whole day, we started working on creating ideas

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