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Akanksha Garg - A Teacher's routine

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Experience faced during Lockdown

Hi my name is Akanksha Garg.. I am a teacher. We all are a social animal. Most of us have a fixed routine, certain habits, various wants, likes and dislikes etc. At some or the other point of time we all must have thought of taking a break... taking a break from every thing.. wishing that a day comes when you have to do nothing..

So my dear friends this the time. this time is given to us by god, by nature. Since long we have been cruel to our mother earth .

In this quarantine time I am taking care of myself . Most of the time is spent on social networking sites. I watch movies and some new good series on amazon prime. Playing online games is an addition in my life as i never did this before. When I feel stressed or bored i draw , paint, talk to my friends, share memes, cook food , play with my little niece ( make tik toks with her , just for fun hahaha ).

Now earth is healing and we all know healing takes time. Let us all give this time to our mother earth with happy faces.

I too get work from home from my school . I love making worksheets for my kids , as of now this is the only way to teach them. I am also learning to cook new dishes but I will try them once this pandemic gets over as we are limited with essential food resources. From today Ramayana will be telecasted again on our televisions . I loved watching the first episode , it also took me to childhood memories... I miss going out, miss my kids but in this critical situation i understand that staying at home is more important.

Stay connected to your roots, stay safe, stay at home .

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