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Ashif Ali - Co-Founder of UcliQ

Experience faced during Lockdown

We are working on a startup “Ucliq.in”. Which is Delhi based local startup, works on logistic and chain supply. “When fishermen cannot go to sea, they repair their nets.” A beautiful line said by Sivesh Kumar sir it is really good time to improvement, innovation and idea evolvement/development.

So, at present we are on hold on our operations due to lockdown .But still we are covering many things as we have time, so we are working on our service developments andt to enhance them in every possible way. We are trying to make our website and application the best it can be. We are connected to our team and talking to them every day.

Everything is organised as we planned. We are connected to our customers and calling them on daily basis not only because we want to provide services to them but also we want to connect with them, so that when lockdown will be over we’ll provide best services to our customers through our operations.

Personally, I’m compiling some books like wings of fire, the lean startup and zero to one. There are some more books in the row I want to complete them too in this period. I already planned my workout scheduled and also working on that side by side also working on my LinkedIn where I’m learning so much from great mentors(sivesh sir/Ramesh sir/Sameer malik) and applying their strategies in my life which is really worth it for me.

I completed some courses recently – advance level of Facebook and Instagram ads. You should also buy these courses and learn from it. So use your time, look up on your services and try to learn new things. .

Follow your passion, never stop learning and stay home, stay safe

Stay Safe..

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