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Experience faced during Lockdown

The other day, I saw my nephew…playing with toy cars in the living room …All alone…Silently…in the middle of the afternoon..while everyone else was asleep.

He generally is always outside…running, playing cricket, fighting with other kids and doing everything a 10 year old would do in his age. Basically being inside the house would be the last place he would be …specially in his vacations.

But these are not normal times…and though he had a vacation, it isn’t really fun…because its a lockdown. He…who is always running and active is not able to use his energies and stuck in the house with his own self. – like most of us are these days!

We can feel his pain right?

Because we are going through the same…stuck in our own place , missing the world outside…other people who we meet and spend time with. Chit chat, gossip, make fun…joke about…, work together…play together.

Who else can understand the pain that kid is going through – better than US. But here is the flip side of it….we are at the pain and HE IS NOT.

He is not feeling frustrated

He is not feeling the impact of lockdown

He is still talking with that same excitement and energy that he used to in normal times. Infact sometimes I feel he motivates me and other people in the house to play with him – where we actually kill boredom and negative thoughts of the virus or this imposed lockdown.

When I saw him playing with toy cars ….I actually noticed something else also…He actually placed a 4 legged plastic stool on the floor and made the corners as race tracks and was hosting a racing championship – in the middle of the silent afternoon, while everyone was asleep.

What does this made me realise?

As adult we loose our creative thinking.

We loose the ability to spend time with ourselves. Other People and outside world become more important to us than our own selves. We start following a pattern, or a routine which then becomes a habit and then we find it difficult to think beyond our routine. Thats when…

As an adult we become rigid and less flexible.

It takes time for us to adjust to some new routine….new lifestyle…new place..new people. Plus we don’t accept things instantly if it is forced or imposed upon us by someone else.

Not just that…We also get frustrated as lot of plans we made….financial planning we did…trips we had planned…goals / target we had set…everything has suddenly fallen off the chart and only thing right now is

how do we survive this lockdown ?

But if we realise …This question is more frustrating than the actual scenario of the lockdown.

We are just making ourselves feel alright….by thinking about the positive things -Oh we got time for family… -Oh we are learning something new at home… -Oh we are getting in touch with friends and relatives… -Oh we have time to do things which we avoided…

But you know what…We always had this time. It’s just that we never considered it as a priority. This lockdown has made me realise that everything in life is important. We just need to prioritise things so that we are able to make the most  out of it.

We are being positive and waiting to get things normal – but hey…THIS TOO IS NORMAL.

Think of a small time farmer, who has a small piece of land just outside the house. He goes to work to get his essentials and then spend rest of his time doing household things, playing with his kid..helping his wife…repairing things of his own house…looking after his cows. Just like what we are doing right now.

Life teaches us in a lot of ways , only if we are ready to learn. I learnt few things from this period… – It’s OK to be alone – It’s OK to spend time with ourselves – It’s OK to not feel positive about everything – It’s OK to be scared about the future – It’s OK to not pretend and tell someone that you are NOT OK – It’s OK to feel weak. – It’s OK to feel vulnerable – It’s OK to cry when frustrated and depressed. – It’s OK to not know lot of things – It’s OK to not have control of everything in life

I think after this period I’ll be even more real as a human being, who will have confidence to tell  people that I am NOT OK when i am NOT. Because it is as much a real emotion which we hold within ourselves while deeply craving for the flowers to bloom again and sun to rise again. Well a dead flower and dark sleepless night is also that much real and of importance.

It does not mean we have to cry about everything and feel depressed all the time. It’s more about accepting things as they are and try to find our ways of dealing with it like my unaware little nephew – who hosted a Silent Racing Championship in the middle of the afternoon while everyone around was asleep.

As an adult I do hope that everything gets back to routine and we resume our jobs…businesses… targets …trips…basically our old life patterns , as before…but as a KID (lost inside me) …I feel that this too is normal and may be I’ll discover something about myself or develop a new pattern which can become my new routine after this lockdown period and emerge as more real and expressive person for whom Not everything is OK…yet figure out things which make life worth living..

This lockdown has made me realise that everything in life is important. We just need to prioritise things so that we are able to make the most  out of it

Stay Safe..

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