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Kailash Gupta - Founder of ETSC Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Experience faced during Lockdown

We all have not experienced such mass quarantine situations in our lifetime, However we saw it coming in March second week and giving priority to health and being in IT solutions domain, we could prepare well in time to switch our operations to Work from Home!

Since all our clients are also locked down hence the best our team could do in this period was to be in touch with our customer using online CRM and upskill by participating in various webinars and group discussions.

However the major challenge is to maintain cash flow due to fixed expenses with virtually no revenue generation Going forward we, at ETSC, have decided to transform our business model from offline to online IT solutions and services on cloud, Our team has also willingly taken this challenge to minimise cash outflow by reducing all fixed expenses and to focus on recurring revenue from online products and services.

Quarantine period is great learning and will transform many businesses. At ETSC, we are quite optimistic to transform our business model and overcome quarantine blues and low business sentiments. Next 12-18 months will be challenging but to challenge the challenges is the only way out ! We have accepted the challenge and we will win !!

Quarantine period is great learning and will transform many businesses

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