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Nancy Singla - Enlightening Real Quarantine Means

Experience faced during Lockdown

This was the first time i was experiencing a 21 day lockdown as a working woman. According to my understanding, this lockdown made us realise many things

1.Work is important, As we all know we are right now working at home but efficiency has been degraded due to many different issues.This makes me realise that 9 to 5 is not a boundation, rather it is a schedule or discipline which we need to follow if we want to excel in any field.

2.Family is equally important,Most of the times we tend to ignore spending times with our family but during this lockdown i realised that family is also a part of me success has no value if u don't have anyone to celebrate it with u. So we need to maintain a perfect balance between personal and professional lives.

3.Self introspection is always necessary, If we need to improve our skills or personality we need to continuously self introspect ourselves, think what i have except the daily routine job, what skills do i have in me which will help me otherwise.

4.We are the real pollutants in the atmosphere, if we are not on the roads the environment is in its cleanest form since my birth.So we need to change our habits to cultivate environment. We should take care the environment as if we have taken this on lease from future generation and we have to give them back a kind of atmosphere in which they can survive.

key things to be valued most: Work, Family, Self Introspection & Environment Care

Stay Safe

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