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Neha Aggarwal - A Researcher Cum Housewife

Experience faced during Lockdown

A Blessing in Disguise! I am a Physicist who loves to perform lab experiments but I really needed a break from my monotonous daily life routine. In this lockdown scenario, I understand that it is a difficult situation for many daily wage workers. But in my quarantine life, I have extended my hobby of plantation by caring my plants and even growing many new plants like mint, coriander, lemon, chillies, tomatoes, etc...

Despite of abundant of time, my major struggle is time management. Like every other married girl, I am living life of a housewife as well as a researcher by managing office and household chores together. I have always respected a homemaker's life and I really like taking care of my house by cleaning or decorating it.

Although now I actually realised, how difficult it is to manage both work together along with nurturing my plants. Sometimes, it reminds me of my school time, 2 months holiday break, when me and my brother used to play a lot at home as well as helping our mother with the household chores. Now for me, it is a time which I will never get back as I have even got a chance to watch my childhood favourite program - "Ramayan" on TV with my new family (After marriage).

It is my suggestion to everyone that take this opportunity of lockdown to nourish your abilities and utilize the time effectively. This lockdown is helping our Nature to Recover by itself. Please, Stay Home and Stay Safe!

This lockdown is helping our Nature to Recover by itself

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