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Nidhi Shah - Founder of 'Sweet Lil Somethings'

Experience faced during Lockdown

Almost a month or two ago, who knew we'd all be caged in our own houses? Who knew our fast paced lives, with no time to even catch a breath, will come to a complete standstill? Who thought that not foreign travel, shopping brands, eating out at fancy restaurants but being safe at our homes, having basic necessities and home cooked meals would become such a Luxury!

Who knew that the kids will have to spend their summer holidays locked down in the four walls of the house n not go playing Outdoor games with their gang. Waking up to check the extent of the pandemic caused by a microscopic mutant virus and sleeping with a hope of the things to get better soon is what we've been doing these days. In a World that emphasises with materialistic things and shallow human egos... and overlooks simplicity, human connections, including the one we have we had with our own selves since years, may be THESE MICROSCOPIC PARASITES taught us to Introspect ourselves and value the little things in life even more than ever.

They say Life is unpredictable, and today, we couldn't agree more to it. Every thing seems uncertain. We're losing a major chunk of our life (months to be precise) because of the global pandemic. Be it our personal lives or professional lives, everything seems stuck somewhere. During these times we realize that Everything in our life is temporary.... our life goals, our jobs, our relationships, our physical possessions, our travel goals, everything. The only constant is CHANGE.

Times are such that everything around us is creating a negative impact on our mental health. Be it the main stream media, social media, our financial crisis, emotional outrages due to the idle nature of the mind currently, and the biggest fear of UNCERTAINTY (when will things CHANGE to NORMAL)

Last couple of days I've been feeling constantly at unrest, be it due to lack of work, or other factors clubbed together, but I'm constantly trying to seek my Calm. If you’ve been feeling anxious, frustrated, angry or downright confused lately, know that you’re not alone—we are all in this together.

So take a deep breath, and ask yourself Which part of that NORMAL are you looking to go back to when it all ends?

Ask yourself what will you take back from these days of LOCKDOWN and SOCIAL DISTANCING will you take along with you in the upcoming "NORMAL " days AHEAD?

Ask yourself what did you self - examine in the patterns of your life in these times of crisis that you appreciate about or condemn about so you can pick your PATH AHEAD .

Ask yourself when will you stop looking for a "BETTER " TOMMOROW and instead start loving and living the Existing today trying to make it "BETTER " enjoying the SWEET LIL SOMETHINGS you are grateful for every passing day. Because, as cliché as it may sound... Nothing lasts forever and This too shall pass♥️

They say Life is unpredictable, and today, we couldn't agree more to it. Every thing seems uncertain

Stay Safe..

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