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Prashant Kumar Bharti - Founder of 'Society on Rent'

Experience faced during Lockdown

The show must go on…! Undoubtedly, we are going through major Global crisis which is already wreaking havoc and will trigger a vicious cycle leading to long term uncalled for ramifications. The national lockdown announced by the Government will go a long way in containing the contagion. We as individual or institution should do everything to tide over the fallout of this contagion and assist in a seamless transition to normalcy.

Fortunately, technology has yet again come to be our savior in this time of astronomical crisis. We believe that despite lockdown we should try our level best to help the needy. We understand post lockdown there will be a frenetic effort put to bring back stability in the market. Professionals and self-employed will be required to work at the double to mitigate the downward spiral in economic activity. Hence pro activity is much required in this hour of acute distress.

Although we are complying with the Government‘s announcement for lockdown, our employees are working round the clock from the safety of their home to serve the society in the best possible way. Fortunately, technology is helping us to serve our clients. We (Society on Rent) are successfully being able to converge the landlords with the tenants. The requirement of accommodation is still there. We are connecting with the accommodation seekers and assisting them to find suitable flats and houses.

We observe that the lockdown period is being proactively utilized by accommodation seekers; so that they can shift the day lockdown is lifted. People understand that they will have to work beyond their potential post lockdown because of backlog; hence they want to remain sorted in terms of being able to do what can be done prior to lockdown to save valuable time. We are helping our clients to find a suitable accommodation well before the lockdown is lifted. The minute details about the prospective accommodation are being shared with the clients. The geographical location, the kind of amenities, price, information about neighborhood, track record of landlord, negotiation between contracting parties, etc is being facilitated by us.

We are able to do so because all the relevant, authentic and verifiable information about prospective accommodation in question is already with us. We are sharing this information with our clients to help them make an informed decision via a vis accommodation requirements. We understand that a physical verification may not be possible by our clients in the lockdown. Therefore we are sharing with our clients the pics and videos of the prospective accommodation so that they can choose wisely.

Moreover all the relevant information we hold is authentic as it is ratified by the relevant regulators in this business. Hence there is no risk or security issue to our clients considering the quality of information being shared. We are successfully closing deals every day including Sundays. Our Productivity has not seen a major decline and our employees are able to remain engaged and occupied.

We haven’t stopped disbursing the salaries to our employees or done any contingent cuts in the salary. We believe that every adversity throws new challenges. However, these challenges can be capitalized upon as an opportunity for mutual and symbiotic growth. Extraordinary times calls for extraordinary efforts.

We as individual or institution should do everything to tide over the fallout of this contagion and assist in a seamless transition to normalcy

Stay Safe..

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