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Priyanka Sajja - Things to reflect during Quarantine

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Experience faced during Lockdown

As we have reached the 2nd week of lock down announced by the Government of India due to the outbreak of coronavirus in India, this has let people to introspect, focus on self care, spend time with their families and also to relive their hobbies for which they never had time for. On one hand you hearing the rapid spread of this virus and hundreds of people losing their lives in a single day, on the other hand this has enabled us to appreciate everything we have in our lives and express gratitude towards it. Many people set milestones, targets for themselves and postpone things to later phases of life, excuses such as after I earn a particular salary I will travel, after I settle in my career I shall express my love to the woman I love, after I have enough money I shall start my startup etc….To all such people out there, I want to tell you one thing! STOP DELAYING !!!! You never know what would happen next ! If you love someone, then just express. If you want them to be in your life, then make the necessary effort and do not let them go, if you want to start your venture then take that risk.….extremely important thing guys, DO NOT TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED!!! Believe me there are no extra people on the planet RIGHT NOW!. And fellas "Be Kind!" I know the world is blessed to be with such kind hearted people, but its even more important that during these difficult times we can show some support to each other. Be kind & patience not only with others but also with your family members as we know that being in the same house for so long may lead to some conflicts too, but be patient and look at things from a different perspective. For the people who have stayed away from parents for long, this is a golden opportunity for us to take a break and cherish some love from our parents. Another important thing is to FORGIVE ! We all must have had some bitter experiences with our loved ones, be in family, friends etc, what one needs to remember is that as time passes all these doesn’t matter, the ego doesn’t matter. Forgive them to release yourself from any sort of negativity and spread joy and happiness. Enough of the serious stuff..hahaha...but guys this is the right time to pick up that hobby which you left after getting into the hustle of life. Breath slowly, enjoy and cherish each moment and explore your favourite hobby again! Get creative peps! You know what guys, why don’t you re-decorate your home/ room using the waste, kinda up-cycled stuff!!! Just thought of it! Luckily we have the internet and there is nothing which you can never find over there! Try out new recipes !! Experiment guys! For the people at home with parents - Just enjoy the amazing home cooked food and those who are away from parents then invoke the master chef in you and try out something new ;-) Lastly I would like to say that take a moment, slow down a bit, breathe a little and assess yourself. Write down what all you are grateful for! This brings in such positivity! And think and write down what you seek in future from life, your goals, aspirations, being of service to others etc. Remember YOU are the captain of your own SHIP! Aye CAPTAIN !


It's not only about expressing your love to a man/ woman but expressing your love, gratitude and the presence of your family and friends in your life. Speak to them and tell them how much they mean to you.

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