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Rahul Anand - Founder of 'The Indianpreneur'

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Experience faced during Lockdown

Complete shutdown was necessary, but it came as a shock for bootstrapped startups. Most of the bootstrapped startups can't survive more than 2 months if the present situation continues. Startups were not prepared for such things.

We are a media house for startups & entrepreneurs. We are more into personal branding & marketing. At the beginning we thought that we are not going to be affected much. But acquiring new clients in this tough time is not easy. A lot of startups are not certain about future, a lot of areas are affected by shutdown from tourism to E Commerce.

Instead of thinking too much about the present scenario we went back to basics. We started exploring what other services we can provide to Startups in tough time. We started scheduling call with our old customers. Pitched them about the new service & how it is going to help them.

Presently, we are nearly back to normal but still we are lacking a lot behind the target we set at the beginning of year. It's a tough time for business now, but I hope in coming time we will be able to bounce back when things come back to normal.

Shutdown is also having a positive impact on us. We are able to adapt quickly and making structural changes, coming out with new services and plans for startups. The things which will take months for implementation, we are doing it in few days..

It's a tough time for business now, but I hope, in coming time, we will be able to bounce back

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