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Rajendra Lora - Founder of Freshokartz

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Experience faced during Lockdown

Freshokartz is a startup which is working in agriculture, which is essential in this kind of negative situations. Agriculture is backbone of the country and which required to be operational.

Experience: As an startup this is a crucial time and we never expected this. We always thought of working from office, doing field meeting, we didn't imagine we can survive without that. But when lockdown imposed we planned how we can be operational in this situations. Even we started working from home two days before the lockdown.

Now after 15 days of lockdown, we believe that we can also work in any situations. Our team is working hard to deliver all the requirements of farmers. We are doing a sustainable business and I think only sustainable businesses can survive in this kind of situations.

Challenges: There were many challenges in first 2-3 days of the lockdown, later govt included seeds and pesticides in essential services and we have been able to open our physical centres. Still there are many challenge like we unable to procure agri inputs from companies as the logistics is not available, some area are still totally lockdown where we are unable to provide our services. But our business is up by 60-70% and that is good news for us.

Tips: All the teams are working from home these days they have enough time to work on few things like making SOPs, KPIs, privacy policies for their companies. There are many startups which don't have any of these documents with them. This is the best time to work on them. Also startup founders should work on cash flow increase. Finally stay home, stay healthy.

Only sustainable businesses can survive in this kind of Crisis situations

Stay Safe..

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