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Sagar Kumar Bharadwaj - Founder of 'Inkfeathers Publishing & Production'

Experience faced during Lockdown

My experience on these COVID-19 days are very mix.

On one side as the Founder and Director of Inkfeathers Publishing & Production, all our movie production, branding, star endorsement and marketing projects are been paused till the end of this lockdown, neither we have planned to push our team any further.

However, our publishing sector is going smoothly. We were already working in a unique management hierarchy strategy under which our publishing team were easily managing our writers, Printing, packaging and courier areas. The only difference here we got is the offline printing is not possible. On the other side, as the Director of Finance in Ayka Medicare Services Pvt. Ltd., in business perspective this pandemic is more like a Golden Era for us. Our Clientele been increasing. The order quantity has crossed its hike. We do get to struggle hard in terms of satisfying our clients in terms of providing their product on time as only few logistic companies are working.

However, one thing I found best is, I can see in both companies, how dedicated my teams are. We have closed our branch offices. Each of us are working at home only. And working at home we all know how distracted it could be, we sit beside our family members who want us to talk to them or we are hearing their conversation while working. Which I usually say is default error, but Still I didn’t find any situation where they got distracted and they are giving their best. Which is why it’s proud point for me have such dedication under this scenario. There are no any other different tips I would give except: The whole world is fighting with this pandemic, you are not alone in this war. Follow the rules and guidance given by our government, Stay inside your house. If you are running a company then think like your employees are your family and they have the family of their own. Let them work at home no matter you generate less revenue or high then you imagine. Safety is the priority here. If you are asking your team to come out, then that means you are risking their lives and of their families too. If you cannot prefer to come out, then why them? Support them now and after this COVID-19, you will be found more dedication.

If you are running a company then think like your employees are your family and they have the family of their own

Stay Safe..

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