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Sevya Goel- Naughty Child's activity

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Experience faced during Lockdown

Hi I am Sevya Goel and studying in class II. I am utilising the Quarantine period with my family - grand parents, parents, uncle and aunt. Everyday, i water the plants, and i love to see them growing at my terrace. My Mom teaches me some new academic activities like family relations, animal names & sounds, english speaking, art & crafts etc.

I love drawing and colouring during this period. I have made poster on Go-CORONA.

In the evening, I play hide and seek with my grand parents. Me and My Aunt also make Tik-Toks everyday for fun....hahaha. I am also spending my time seeing cartoons. Mumma teaches me dance as well

I wish CORONA will die very soon. I wish everyone to stay at home and be safe

Thank You

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