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Shivani Sarat - Quarantine, 'A form of Healing'

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Experience faced during Lockdown

Staying home means saving lives.

Quarantine is a newly learned word for many of us, but do we really know what it means? While we see this quarantine as a block or cut from the society and our usual mundane life, some see it as a healing. Some tapped their feet and some sang songs lost in playlists, whilst some read novels and I personally wrote poetry.

In the wake of the Coronavirus, that has gripped the world in its panic and alarming situations, some of us out there are convinced of the probability of making the best of each situation. Some fought their demons, standing eye to eye, some fell in love all over again, some slept sound and yet everyone, rejoiced being alive. How about you pour yourself a drink? Meet your past, and have a talk.

Here, I have compiled in a few reasons why quarantine is the best idea and how we can make most of the time we have in our hands. Social Media being the best in our hands right now are filled with news and ideas for quarantine. While some support staying at home is the best options, activists are agitated about the loss of pay for our working class and the daily labourers. It’s of utmost importance that we deal with this in the best effective way possible assuring safety for all around us.

Medics and Governments all over the World have implied that quarantine is the best option due to the decrease in the chances of spreading the virus. Coronavirus that is airborne and can also spread through touch or contact with items of the infected person. Just like how a normal flu spread, a single person can infect an entire country. Quarantine thus calls for a shutdown of people in their houses thus ceasing and delaying of the job, work and production of resources. Though work from home is possible for some sectors, most sectors like factories for production of processed foods, airlines etc. are heaving a heavy blow. All the countries are thus stressing on quarantine even though it may lead to a lower economy, crashing stock markets and ultimately a loss of pay.

With the questions of humanity coming into play regarding the condition of the working class and daily labourers who depend on their daily wages and cannot afford quarantine at the moment. They cannot afford to see their family going hungry. They are ready to risk their health and well-being for that of the family. But what they don’t realize is that, along with themselves, they are putting to risk a lot of more other people. During such scenarios people are conflicted about the right thing to do.

Standing contrast to this are many young teenagers around who are not taking the quarantine seriously and thus driving around and having parties. This reckless behavior is justified saying that since they are young, they will recover. But we forget examples of Italy, the country which comprised of most of the old population is now struggling as recovery stakes go down a ton as the patients are old. It’s time for us to think beyond ourselves and about others as well. Time to adopt a philanthropic approach to the scenarios.

As rightly said, if wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost and if character is lost everything is lost. Hence it happens to be our duty to help out the people who can’t help themselves during this epidemic. If you happen to have workers at your place, make sure to assure him and his family a good meal once a day. There is a lot of power in kindness and a single act of kindness can bring together the world. Now is the time to keep aside our differences and work together. Lets not forget to thank the medics, the doctors and nurses staying away from their families to look after ours. We bow to them.

The introverts seem to have no much problem with quarantine. But on the other hand, extroverts and people who are used to a routine set of life style of waking up early, going to office, and then coming home to sleep feel it hard to adjust to this situation. The world had become so busy that we forgot to have time for ourselves. Amidst the school, college and office, we forgot to take time out for ourselves. It’s time to heal from the pressure we have been putting on ourselves. To heal from the usual routine, deadlines and meetings. So, here’s a chance a few ideas to use this quarantine as a time for self-healing.

Why don’t you sit with your grandfather and talk about his time in the army? They’ve fought more wars. This war is just a boon. a few days the earth takes, to heal the damage. Let’s travel. Are you wondering how we can do that whilst travelling is banned and airports are shut? The books we read and the journals we use to write down the experiences, are all ways of travelling to new places.

Do you miss them? Your ex- boyfriend. Have a good cry, wailing your lungs out and unburdening yourself. though, don’t forget to cover your nose and mouth when crying, coughing and sneezing with a tissue.

How about you bring those movie nights with mom and dad where dad cooked whilst you helped? Maybe, sit down and fight a little more with your sibling and play ‘Legend of Zelda’ in your old Nintendo. The couple next door, make more love than fights. communication you see. The dog down the alley, hardly barks now. His family is home and safe. Your furniture deserves a cleaning and your plants, a good watering and therapy sessions.

Take your time out, stay away for a while in your room. Let’s have an entire Netflix and Chill weekend with lots of binge eating. How about a star gazing night by the balcony? Meditation and exercise, making art, reading books you left half finished, filling those coloring books and starting a new hobby. even re-watching old movies counts! let’s clap our hands

oh! but first, make sure you wash them. with soap and foam tough and rough little did you cough? corona spreads through touch. it’s the 20 second rule the handwash goal. let’s tap our feet oh! but first make sure you stay at home. let’s cook and clean why do you seem so keen? quarantine is the key. Avoiding large groups and coops is the way to keep the corona beyond the hoop. let’s care and share for one another with food and water a little more of love and light while the medics hope for a miracle you realize life is a circle what goes around comes around each night and day books and hobbies let’s pray and play keep corona at bay both straight and gay come what may we all shall pay let’s keep safe hey! we need hope of ray and like they say where there is a will there’s a way.

It wasn’t the quarantine you feared. It was the emptiness that would follow. The lakes in Venice have welcomed back the fishes and swans after almost 20 years. The pollution levels, gone down by a massive 45%. Let’s heal, whilst the world heals. Let’s be kind to one another. Let’s stay safe from the Coronavirus while embracing the boon of time. Afterall, staying home means saving lives....

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