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Sivesh Kumar - Founder of Startup Monk

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Experience faced during Lockdown

Challenges: Feeling really bad for the first time founders who started up their venture early this year. The bright side is, they have got some extra time on hand for working on their product and process.

Helpful: Set tasks for the day, stay in contact, walk away from work when necessary. Take some online courses, I have completed 4 online courses in last 10 days. There is a Startup Indian + UpGrade online program which for free ( Really good for first time founders ).

I am also giving a lot of time to my first love - Coding. Just designed a basic app for dieting, So pick up a hobby - pick up the guitar, a book a week challenge. ( Though Netflix also works a lot. )

Keeping myself amused: Started up with two workshops ( Idea validation and Business plan ) and and Anywhere Acceleration Program. And got some good response in first batch. Taking a lot of LinkedIn Live, Zoom Meetings. Working with first time founders in refining their idea.

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