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  • Quarantinespeaks.com is a product of Sanativfix Technologies Private Limited (herein referred to as "Company") and wherever in the terms & conditions, "Quarantinespeaks" or "Company" will be referred, it will mean "Sanativfix Technologies Private Limited & its team thereof

  • The initiative (Quarantine Speaks) is made for the purpose of helping and assisting people in this struggling time which arose due to lockdown or Quarantine or otherwise as a result of COVID-19 where they can learn form other's experiences & tips

  • All views, suggestions, experiences, tips etc. shared by people are their own and we do not take responsibility of either their correctness, truthfulness or otherwise. We are only a platform where such views, suggestions, experiences, tips etc. are published and available to other

  • We do not take any responsibility if due to people's views, suggestions, experiences, tips etc. available on the site "Quarantinespeaks.com", any person or people acts, reacts follow, apply etc. any of such views, suggestions, experiences, tips etc. and whatever happens or not happens or anything else occurs by following such views, suggestions, experiences, tips etc. 

  • We will not be responsible for any loss, difficulty, liability or responsibility or any other material or non material thing or effect which occurs to you if you share your view, suggestions, experience, tips or etc. with us and the same is published or non-published by us

  • We are only acting as "medium" between people where we take their views, suggestions, experiences, tips etc. and publish the same on Quarantinespeaks.com

  • We keep the confidentiality of details shared by people while submitting their experiences, tips, views or suggestions etc. and it will include their phone numbers, and email id.

  • we do not guarantee or waranty that anything or everything you share with us either through whatsapp number (+91-8178533803) or on email id i.e. Quarantinespeaks@gmail.com, will be published on the platform or website (Quarantinespeaks.com). It will be purely at our discretion to publish it or not and also, in same or in modified way.

  • Once you share your views, experience, suggestions, tips etc. to us on email id (Quarantinespeaks@gmail.com) or on whatsapp number (+91-8178533803), you will deemed to agree to the terms & conditions of Quarantinespeaks.com and will be a permission to us to modify, alter or publish the same on website or platform (Quarantinespeaks.com)

  • By simply submitting your experience, tip, suggestion or view etc., through any mode (whatsapp or mail or otherwise), doesn't guarantee or warantee or put Quaranitinespeaks.com or any of its member, under any obligation to publish such experience, tip, suggestion or view etc.

  • Quarantinespeaks.com or any of its member, may or may not give any suitable title to experience, tip, suggestion, or view etc., sent to Quaranitinespeaks.com or to any of its member (via whatsapp or mail) by user's or view's or those submitting it, and it will be totally as per its discretion of Quarantinespeaks.com or any of its member, to publish it and no permission or authorisation or approval etc. from user or view or those submitting it, would be required 

  • In case of any dispute, the matter will be resolved as per Indian Laws and it will be settled through Arbitration process

  • Kindly note that under your views, suggestions, tips or experiences, no forwarded messages, rumours, political talks or any religion or caste related message will be allowed and the same will not be published at Quarantinespeaks.com. We invite your personal experiences, tips, views, suggestions during Quarantine and the same will be reviewed by our team. We are in no obligation to publish the same. It is totally at the discretion of team of Quarnatinespeaks.com. to publish it or not

  • If we found any discrepancy, inappropriateness or lack of information shared by you regarding your views, tips, suggestions & experiences, our team can ask you for more information and once you provide the same, our team will review and decide that whether it will be published or not

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